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Here you will find handmade creations inspired by nature and fantasy

  • The Making of Bottle Stoppers

    To create each stopper, I first make each scene using a mixture of real, dried plant life (flowers, mushrooms, grass), artificial plant life, and/or paper-sourced butterflies, moths, and other insects. I then encase them in epoxy preserving the miniature world with crystal clarity. Finally, each scene is sanded, polished, and mounted to a stainless steel stopper designed to preserve your wine or liquor.

    Wine, Liquor, and Bottle Stopper Collection 
  • The Making of Sun Catchers

    To create each sun catcher, I first make miniature scenes using dried plant life and paper-sourced insects and mammals. Each scene is then encased in UV-resistant epoxy. Some are shaped like crystals, while other may be in rock forms or in the shape of spheres. They are then combined with other crystals to create a magnificent rainbow effect!

    Sun Catchers 
  • Nature Inspired Jewelry

    Each piece of jewelry is handmade using epoxy, dried plant life, and/or miniature insects and animals. All jewelry is inspired by elements of nature.

    View Jewelry 
  • Wall Art

    Each piece of wall art uses the flow of epoxy to capture elements that are nature and galaxy inspired. All are created by pour epoxy and guiding the colors using a variety of techniques.

    Wall Art 
  • Charcuterie Cutting Boards

    These fun charcuterie boards can also be used as cutting boards by flipping them over - use the wood side to cut, and the art side to serve! Each board is handmade using FDA and USDA approved food safe epoxy. The mystery of the galaxy, beauty of the ocean, and tranquility of the mountains inspire the art.

    Charcuterie Cutting Boards 
  • Home & Office Decor

    Find a variety handmade of home and office decor inspired by the elements of nature!

    Home & Office Decor 
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Cutting Boards & Coasters

Charcuterie Cutting Boards

Find all your charcuterie cutting boards and coasters here! Charcuterie boards can... 

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